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My Coaching Style

Why People Love Working With Me

I'm your ideal leadership coach because I believe in the power of listening, curiosity, and discovering your untapped potential. My coaching style brings energy, joy, challenge, and mentorship to our sessions.


Rediscover Energy: I've helped high achievers for decades create a vision beyond their current circumstances and craft a solid plan for success. My contagious energy will empower you.


Clarity and Empowerment: After our sessions, you'll feel excited, understood, and in control of your path towards your goals.


The Role Model Effect: I believe in the power of role models.  I help you master the behaviors that will build your unique leadership brand. 

My Approach

I know your inner power is already within you.

You don't need external factors to succeed.

My GEM coaching model activates your inner strength through my Growth Energy Momentum framework. Throughout this three-phase journey, you will define the direction to your fulfillment, ignite your confidence, and will kick off a plan to achieve sustained results.

You'll learn tools and practices to integrate into your life and career, enjoying the process as you go. With GEM, each success journey is unique and exciting.

What Sets Me Apart


Positive Leadership

I use positive leadership resources, mindset tools, and daily practices to help you build an integrated life plan that will lead you to consistent progress and thriving in life and work.



Exceptional Support

I deeply connect with you, reviewing your progress, accomplishments, and commitments to ensure your success. I will be your guide.  I know exactly how you feel because I was there, and the reason I developed my unique coaching framework.


Experienced Mentor

With 22 years of corporate leadership experience and a global perspective, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge to guide you. My extensive network and resources will inspire and empower you to take action. Whether in English or Spanish, I'm here to support your unique journey toward success.